An Interview with Anne Barwell

We spoke with Anne Barwell, a gay and lesbian SFF and historical fiction author about her recent novel, Shadowboxing (Lacedragon 2020). We discussed her experience with co-authors, self-publishing, and in-depth historical research. – Katsumi Sterling

An Interview with Meredith Tate

Meredith is a travel fanatic, social work alum, and bookworm who lives in Houston with her husband. She’s never met a dog she didn’t like. We spoke with romance writer, geek culture enthusiast, and total ray of sunshine, Meredith Tate. As she works on her upcoming novel, we spoke about her inspirations and what adviceContinue reading “An Interview with Meredith Tate”

An Interview with S.A. Hunt

S. A. HUNT (she/her) is the author of the Malus Domestica horror-action series from Tor Books, which begins with Burn the Dark. In 2014, she won Reddit’s /r/Fantasy “Independent Novel of the Year” Stabby Award for her Outlaw King fantasy gunslinger series. She is an Afghanistan veteran (OEF 2010), a coffee enthusiast, a fervent bicyclist,Continue reading “An Interview with S.A. Hunt”