Welcome to Page Turner Magazine’s Winter Flash Fiction Contest! Love is in the air, and it’s our great pleasure to introduce you to our Romance contest. This season’s prompt is “Cold Nights, Warm Hearts.” We long for genre fiction straight from the soul. 

For this contest, we want to know what love looks like in the wintertime. When lips touch rosy red cheeks and hands meet in the pocket of knit sweaters. When heated confessions chase away frigid winds. When the golden afternoons of autumn give way to the early, dark nights of winter. When everything looks different under a fresh blanket of stark, shimmering snow. 

It’s about the Romance. The love letters, secret admirers, candlelit dinners, and thorny red roses of it all. It can be a romance that reminds us of the love stories we all know, challenges our romantic ideas, or shows us how multifaceted love can be.

Winter Prompt: Cold Nights, Warm Hearts