We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.

Maya Angelou

Page Turner Magazine was established in 2020 by students of Emerson College’s Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing MFA program. The annual publication’s mission is to entertain and enlighten members of the Emerson community.

We promise that every story we share will be 100%, pure, unapologetic pop fic. Page Turner Magazine is where the diverse creative conscience of Emerson students and alumni is showcased. We celebrate writing that allows imaginations to soar into the aether or plunge into the deep abyss.

Why Page Turner Magazine? Because turning pages is how we move forward.

The purpose of Page Turner Magazine is to showcase the diverse creative conscience of Emerson students and alumni by publishing their popular fiction and art in digital and print form. Page Turner Magazine will give Emerson students, staff, and alumni a vibrant, professional place in which to publish short works of genre fiction annually. In addition, staff members will gain valuable career experience, as well as access shared resources and diversity training. The magazine team will maintain a regularly updated blog of book reviews and author interviews featuring the diverse array of voices in popular fiction. Page Turner Magazine will uphold a standard of wonder, quality, and diversity in all work to represent the Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing program at Emerson College.

Editor-in-Chief: Katsumi Sterling

Editorial Assistant: Mike Speegle

Communications and Administrative Manager: Emily Johnson   

Submissions Manager: Hancine Mok

Social Media Manager: Jill Zacchia  

Social Media Assistants: Elizabeth Vantangoli, Chris Yeazel

Features Editor: Maxine Shen

Feature Writer: Camia Rhodes 

Copy Chief: Tess Rossi

Copy Editors: Ghanima Emmanuelle Sol, Kately Rivero

Website Design Manager: Jen Correia

Board Chair: Katsumi Sterling

Board Administrator: Alanna Smith

Board Members: Richard Wood, Megan Bjerke, Mike Speegle, Emily Johnson, Jill Zacchia, Maxine Shen, Hancine Mok