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Staff Openings

We are seeking to fill additional positions in our staff. Interested? Please submit an application to with the following information:

  • Subject: Name – [Position Title]
  • Body:
    • Name
    • Year of graduation from Emerson
    • What do you read?
    • What do you write?
    • Are you willing to serve as a reader if you’re not selected for the staff?
    • Please share any past experience you have as a reader for a literary journal.
    • 250 word biography that highlights your skills and personality.

Please complete the questionnaire and submit your resume or CV (if you have one) as a PDF, .doc, or .docx attachment. Keep in mind that staff positions are remote and volunteer.

All members of the staff may be called upon to read submissions, especially as deadlines draw near. 

Page Turner Magazine’s submissions department strives to maintain the integrity of the submissions process. To that end, we ask that all current staff members, board members, and volunteer staff refrain from submitting content to the magazine during their period of appointment (to consist of the period leading up the publication of a given issue). All former staff members, board members, and volunteer staff are welcome to submit content after the expiry of their appointment, to be considered for subsequent issues. 

The short version? Page Turner Magazine wants to keep a level table, which means you’re free to submit content for an issue you haven’t worked on. 

  • Website Design Manager
    • Develops and maintains the online site for the magazine
    • Works directly with Layout Editor and Editor-in-Chief to ensure copy and design needs are met
  • Website Design Assistant
    • Works directly with the Website Design Manager to assist with tasks such as news updates and blog posts
  • Communications and Administrative Manager
    • Oversees the administrative areas of the magazine by reaching out to contacts, school officials, donors, and others 
    • Is responsible for managing finances and keeping detailed records of all financial transactions
    • Reports to the Editor-in-Chief
  • Communications and Administrative Assistant
    • Works directly with the Communications and Administrative Manager to assist with tasks such as managing schedules, taking meeting notes, drafting copy, and recording financial transactions
  • Social Media Assistant
    • Works directly with the Social Media Manager to assist with posting, engaging, and commenting on relevant posts and responding to direct messages.
    • Preferably has experience using and managing professional Twitter accounts.
  • Features Assistant
    • Works directly with the Features Editor to assist with tasks such as interviews, book reviews, and archives
  • Membership Recruitment Manager
    • Develops and implements innovative techniques to recruit volunteers; manages applications and facilitates volunteer relationships
  • General Reader(s)
    • Reads around 12 submissions in a two-week period; rates each submission according to the supplied rubric and discusses stories before selecting final pieces for publication
    • Follows a similar process for the three seasonal flash fiction contests by reading, rating, and discussing around 10–15 submissions