by Sophia Gorjance “Oh!” It was a great deal of self-control that kept Mrs. Dale’s little yelp from becoming a full-blown shriek. She forced a titter to make up for it. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you had a dragon.” “Oh, yes,” said Mrs. Mirela pleasantly, kindly ignoring her Read more…

Flash Fiction Winning Entry: The Dragon of Ják by Anna O’Connell

Please join us in congratulating the winning entry in Page Turner Magazine’s very first flash fiction contest: The Dragon of Ják! Anna had crafted a compelling narrative in which a clever priest finds himself pitted against a merciless dragon. Who will triumph, and who will meet their fate?

In the village of Ják, Father Peter was washing the soot from his hands, following Compline on the Day of Ashes. He had remained to extinguish the candles and stepped outside and over to the trough to the side of the door, where he poured water from a small pitcher over his fingers. He had a brief pang of hunger and allowed a sigh to pass through his lips, the wordless sound steaming in the frigid night. Outlined by the sliver of moonlight, the mist seemed to take on a deeper shadow. Rubbing his eyes, Father Peter blinked with a grimace as the grit worked across his face. 

Before him was a fearsome creature, a serpent with a flared, horse-like nose and great rooster claws. The beast bared its teeth at Father Peter, who, still scrunching his eyes, tripped onto the stone stair of the dormitory. He clutched the lintel as the beast spoke.


Flash Fiction Runner-Up: Salmren’s Triumph by Will Nuessle

Please join us in congratulating the runner-up in Page Turner Magazine’s very first flash fiction contest: Dragon Fire! Will crafted a whimsical lyric paying homage to an oft-overlooked aspect of our scaly friends. So grab a tankard of your favorite potation and sing along with us as we celebrate Salmren’s Triumph.

Salmren’s Triumph – a drinking song

(to be enjoyed lustily and drunkenly if at all possible)

The songs they sing of a dragon’s wing – but who sings songs of the tail?

A leathery, cut-down-the-heathery thing – but who sings songs of the tail?

Now Salmren knew, was to him they flew, to show him the things only dragons shew,

Teburah the red and Ceejarno the blue – but who sings songs of the tail?