To fall into fantasy is to venture into worlds of magic and mystery. In those worlds, warlocks roam unseen in bustling cities, suffering allergy attacks at the proximity of technology, and fae rule towering, gilded citadels, challenging the gods with their hubris. Those gods come to earth to see what havoc they might wreak by whispering in the ears of their favorite mortals, and wishes, like incantations, have dire consequences.

So step through the portal, or see what’s always been before your eyes, and check out the stories linked below.

Note: Science fiction and fantasy genres are cross-posted.

Exit Wound, by Andrew Busch (Vol. 3; Fall General Submissions)

Forget Me Never, by Laurie Hilburn (Vol. 3; Fall General Submissions)

Asterius, by Zenia Dehaven ( Vol 3; Fall General Submissions)

The Guardian, by Katherine Holmes (Vol. 3; Fall General Submissions)

Memories(TM), by Brianne Simone (Vol. 3; “Baby, There’s Bots Outside” winner)

Reality, Worth a Shot by Savannah Jade (Vol. 3; “Baby, There’s Bots Outside” runner-up)

Trail Angels, by Brigs Larson (Vol. 3; “Spooky Season” contest runner-up)

Blue Horizon, by Elizabeth Gomez (Vol. 2.5; flash fiction contest winner)

The Grizzly Machine, by Sam Kostakis (Vol. 2.5; flash fiction contest winner)

The Witch of Briar Wood, by Anna Carson (Vol. 2)

Neither of these Men are Named Steve, by Susan Matteucci (Vol. 2)

Replacement, by Emma Brackett (Vol. 1)

The Dragon of Jak, by Anna O’Connel (Vol. 1)

Francis, by Sophia Gorjance (Vol. 1)

The Woman of Water, by Ashley Hill (Vol. 1)

Factory 147, by Jerry Yap (Vol. 1)