Sitting amidst the woods with the golden glow of the sun, you watch satyrs run by with their flutes. Fairies zoom to join them. Well, except for one. She’s barely the size of your finger, but you still manage to see her smile beneath her wide eyes. The fairy offers a hand to you.

Sound familiar?

Fantasy is a genre known for bending reality in beautiful ways. Whether the world is based on our own, or part of the fantasy as well, readers of these stories suspend their disbelief and enjoy the adventure of their protagonists. However, not everything is off from reality, and that makes this genre even more powerful. Does the protagonist have to deal with new powers, or their place in a fantasy world? Now we’re dealing with identity issues. Is there a magical species that is undermined by others for who they are? Well, now you can explore most of the world’s conflicts…

Now, go grab your wands and armor. We got some adventurin’ to do.

(Written by Amira Mazzawy)