Emergency Contact, by Sky Allen (Vol. 3; “Flash Fiction”)

Forget Me Never, by Laurie Hilburn (Vol. 3; “Flash Fiction”)

Asterius, by Zenia Dehaven ( Vol. 3; “Flash Fiction”)

Memories TM, by Brianne Simone Pa (Vol. 3; “Flash Fiction” contest winner)

Reality, Worth a Shot, by Savannah Jade (Vol. 3; “Flash Fiction” contest runner-up)

Faithless, by Marleigh Green (Vol. 3; “Historie Fatale” contest winner)

Third and Finally, by Rowan Wasserman (Vol. 3; “Historie Fatale” contest runner-up)

A Wretch Like Me, by Rhiannon Guzelian (Vol. 3, “It was a dark & stormy night” contest winner)

His Face Was Abnormal, by Jacquelyn Agliata (Vol. 3, “It was a dark & stormy night” contest runner-up)

Blue Horizon, by Elizabeth Gomez (Vol. 2.5, “Distant Horizons” tied for contest winner)

The Grizzly Machine, by Sam Kostakis (Vol. 2.5, “Distant Horizons” tied for contest winner)

The Salesman, by Sophia Laughlin (Vol. 3, “Spooky Season” contest winner)

Trail Angels, by Brigs Larson (Vol. 3, “Spooky Season” contest runner-up)

Mystery Man, by Mary Krakow (Vol. 2, “The Missing” contest winner)

Evidence Bag n.AV32948, by Slawka G. Scarso (Vol. 2, “The Missing” contest runner-up)

The Dragon of Jak, by Anna O’Connel (Vol. 1, “Dragon Fire” contest winner)

Salmren’s Triumph, by Will Nuessle (Vol. 1, “Dragon Fire” contest runner-up)

My Dearest Lydia, by Mackenzie Hicks (Vol. 1, “Love In Paris” contest winner)

Spring Forever, by Erudessa Gentian (Vol. 1, “Love In Paris” contest runner-up)

Face Thieves, by Tim O’Neal (Vol. 2, “Monsters” contest winner)

The Girl in the Tower, by Brittani Jenee’ Cal (Vol. 2, “Monsters” contest runner-up)

Shapes of Warmth, by TJ O’Shea (Vol. 2, “Cold Night Warm Hearts” contest winner)

First Frost, by Abby Crofton (Vol. 2, “Cold Night Warm Hearts” contest runner-up)