For every taste, there is a romance subgenre. Whether you love your love stories with the life-and-death stakes of a deadly chase in a romantic thriller, or with the potent, seductive magic of the fae courts, whether you thrill to a piratical bodice-ripper, or swoon at a fete-heavy Regency wooing, romances have powered the publishing world and granted delight, adventure, and escape to readers for the entirety of the genre’s long, long history. Often maligned (usually by people who had never read them), romance fiction is experiencing a heady resurgence thanks to social media like BookTok.

For PTM‘s contributions to this vast and beautiful genre, check out the stories linked below.

Best Cakes in Town, Sarah Hart (Vol. 3)

Measurements, by Hannah Barclay (Vol. 2)

Shapes of Warmth, by TJ O’Shea (Vol. 2)

Whirlpool, by Tatum Rogers (Vol. 2)

My Dearest Lydia, by Mackenzie Hicks (Vol. 1)