Science fiction allures and enthralls because of the unique worlds each story holds. At the core of science fiction, there’s science: some new knowledge, discovery, or breakthrough. Then, there’s technology: how that science is applied, from daily life to a planetary or (inter)galactic scale. 

When you hear “science,” your mind might jump to physics, biology, chemistry—all those hard sciences. But don’t discount the social sciences, like psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Blending together different sub-sciences leads to robust, rich stories.

Science and technology are inextricably entwined, and there’s limitless imagination when it comes to “new” science in sci-fi stories. Alien invaders? Unique societal structuring? Faster-than-light travel? The possibilities are endless.

Are you ready? Because it’s time to boldly go.

(Written by Tess Rossi)