Adrenaline thrums through your veins. Your head buzzes with that potent biochemical cocktail, your fingers twitch, and each too-precious second flies by as you get closer to peril… or as peril gets closer to you. While protagonists in mysteries solve crimes once they’ve happened, the adrenaline-fatigue-victim protagonists in thrillers whiplash you into preventative action before the worst crime of the story occurs. If you’re lucky, they’ll prevent that crime, and you’ll fly through the pages with them to see them do it.

Hold onto your hats, and keep sight of your heroes. You’re going for a thrill ride.

Note: Mystery, thriller, and horror genres are cross-posted.

Emergency Contact, by Sky Allen (Vol. 3; Fall General Submissions)

Faithless, by Marleigh Green (Vol. 3; “Historie Fatale” contest winner)

Third and Finally, by Rowan Wasserman (Vol. 3; “Historie Fatale” contest runner-up)

His Face Was Abnormal, by Jacquelyn Agliata (Vol. 3; “It was a dark & stormy night” contest runner-up)

A Wretch Like Me, by Rhiannon Guzelian (Vol. 3; “It was a dark & stormy night” contest winner)

The Salesman, by Sophia Laughlin (Vol. 3; “Spooky Season” contest winner)

The Feeding, by Charlie Williams (Vol. 2)

The Seven Secret Discoveries of the Captain of the Cantata Lucania on the Occasion of Running Aground, by Ben Jackson (Vol. 2)

Names, by Thomas Gaffney (Vol. 2)

Mystery Man, by Mary Krakow (Vol. 2)

Face Thieves, by Tim O’Neal (Vol. 2)

The Light Over Whaler’s Watch, by Joe Buckler (Vol. 1)

Through the Woods, by Brian Feller (Vol. 1)