Editor-in-Chief & Board Chair 
Katsumi Sterling

Board Co-Chair
& Design and Layout Editor
Alanna Smith

Social Media Manager
& Submissions Manager

Jill Zacchia

Social Media Assistant
Elizabeth Vantangoli

Comm. and Admin. Manager
Emily Johnson 

Copy Editors
Hancine Mok
Kately Rivero
Tess Rossi
Ghanima Emmanuelle Sol

Board Members
Jade Edwards
Richard Wood

Copy Chief
& Website Design Manager

Mike Speegle

Features Editor
& Submissions Manager

Maxine Shen

Features Assistant & Reader
Lukas Harnisch-Weidauer

Comm. and Admin. Assistant & Board Member
Megan Bjerke

Features Writer
Camia Rhodes

Website Design Assistant
Jen Correia

Lizzy Madrigal