TATUM ROGERS (“Whirlpool”) (they/them) is a lover of brightly colored hair and all things fantastical. Currently, they are an MFA candidate in Fiction at Emerson College. In their spare time, they like to create and consume stories that are diverse, magical, and fun.

SUSAN MATTEUCCI (“Neither of These Men Are Named Steve”) is a junior Creative Writing major at Emerson College. She has been published in other school magazines, such as her science fiction story “Changing the Past” which was published by Generic Magazine. She is a reader and a writer by day. By night, she is hopefully asleep.

TIM O’NEAL (“Face Thieves”) has sold eight previous short horror stories. His recent publishers include the UK-based RedCape Publishing, the Canadian Frostzone Zine, and Skywatcher Press. He was a judge for the California Writing Club’s Tales of the Pandemic contest. He lives in Boulder, CO. Here’s a link to his Author page.

TJ O’SHEA (“Shapes of Warmth”) lives in New Jersey and works in New York City, and therefore considers herself an expert in pizza and bagels. Her debut novel, Beyond the Blue, was published on February 22, 2022 by Bella Books.

ANNA CARSON (“The Witch of Briar Wood”) is an Emerson College freshman who will be studying publishing as a Writing, Literature, and Publishing major. She aspires to be a fantasy editor, but in the meantime, she reads and copyedits for Emerson’s Stork Literary Magazine and the Emerson Review. She loves traveling—her favorite city is Paris, France—and reading; her favorite book isRhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson.

MARY KRAKOW (“Mystery Man”) retired from teaching in 2015 with the intent to realize her dream of becoming an author. So far, she has written three manuscripts for middle-grade readers, a few magazine articles, and over two hundred flash fiction stories.

THOMAS GAFFNEY (“Names”) fell in love with horror after reading Stephen King’s IT and had been reading and writing horror stories ever since. His collection of short stories, Stranger Things Have Happened, has won a number  of 2019 and 2020 awards for horror. And his horror shortstories have appeared in Theme of Absence, The Dread Machine, Bards & Sages Quarterly, and Another Realm. He is working on his MFA in Popular Fiction and Publishing at Emerson College and is a member of the Horror Writers Association.

BEN JACKSON (“The Seven Secret Discoveries of the Captain of the Cantata Lucania on the Occasion of Running Aground”) (MFA ’24) is a writer, producer, father, and activist. His work appears in the Boston Globe, The Hill, W BUR’s Cognoscenti, The Penmen Review, and anywhere else he can con an editor into publishing his drivel. When not writing, you can usually find him giving the NRA a headache, swearing on Twitter, or embarrassing his daughter with his TikToks, where you can find him as @bjacksonwrites. He lives in Natick, Massachusetts.

HANNAH BARCLAY (“Measurements”) is an Austin, Texas-based writer, currently working to complete an MFA in Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing from Emerson College. When she is not reading, writing, or working as a college admissions counselor, you can find her running nature trails and hanging out at local breweries.

CHARLIE WILLIAMS (“The Feeding”) is a WLP major from Emerson College’s class of 2025. He is the four-time recipient of a Scholastic Art and Writing award, and his work has appeared in several publications including Your Mag, Five Cent Sound, and Maudlin House Literary. He has several irrational fears, the worst of them being public speaking, brain amoebas, and irony.