My belief in magic was a driving force of my childhood. Between my small world of school and homework, reality was too normal. Every choice eventually led to the dreaded dimension of taxes. As I grew older, reality became a little too harsh. I learned that no matter how hard I tried, time wouldn’t stop and neither would life. But I knew there was one way I could pause everything around me and in the world: reading. Falling into fantastical worlds and lives completely unlike mine are not only for fun but for the sake of my overactive imagination and well-being.

In recent years, it’s become ever more apparent how important it is to take care of oneself, both physically and mentally. Genre fiction does this wonderful thing of making the audience believe. The characters are not people you can meet, and the worlds are not ones you can live in, but the emotions that come from reading about them last long after the final page. And I, for one, enjoy taking a break with a story where the stakes feel so real yet there is the safety of an ending—and it’s usually a good one.

Page Turner Magazine is a place for all popular fiction to thrive, a space for writers and readers to immerse themselves in whichever genres they like. This publication has become incredibly dear to me, and I’ve been so honored to help lead the magazine’s board and to see how we’ve grown in just a year—and with so much room to go! With the support of our faculty advisor and through the hard work of all our staff, of Emerson College students and alumni, we are now able to share our second volume with you all.

I’m proud to present Page Turner Magazine Volume 2.

MARCH 21, 2022