The Sound of Stars is a beautiful love story that takes you on a journey of emotions. In most YA novels you can tell when the tables have turned and the heroes save the day. In this story, the characters come so close to death multiple times that I literally had to put the book down because I needed a minute to catch my breath. —Camia Rhodes

The Sound of Stars is set in a dystopian future ruled by the Ilori, aliens who consider themselves a superior race, one that is not ruled by their emotions. In order to subdue humanity, they have destroyed all forms of expression, such as art, music, and especially books.

But, not all books have been destroyed. Janelle—or Ellie for short—has saved a few of her favorites, creating a library to give her fellow humans some semblance of normalcy. That was, until she discovered one of her books had gone missing. Unbeknownst to her, that book was taken by M0Rr1S (or Morris), a lab-grown Ilori made to resemble humans. Upon his discovery of Ellie’s secret library, Morris becomes fascinated with Ellie and the next thing you know, he’s asking her to get him more books and music because he wants to explore more human expressions. 

This was when my heart seized up. This was where I worried Ellie and Morris would get caught, but this was also where I swooned, because I knew that he was falling for her. Ellie was already risking a lot, and doing this for Morris could get her killed. So she reluctantly agrees, despite the fact she could be killed, and Morris promises to keep her and her family safe. Morris, meanwhile, has a heavy secret, one involving a vaccine that the Ilori are planning to use against humans. Throughout the story, Ellie and Morris have to work together to save humanity.   

“…this book gives a glance into the heart of humanity and shows that there is hope, that there is good in this world despite all its darkness.”

Although it didn’t feel like there was a true resolution to the novel—making me wonder if there will be a sequel—it kept me on the edge of my seat and I truly loved this story. I also really enjoyed the main protagonists. Morris is seen as Ellie’s enemy, but as both Ellie and the readers come to know Morris, he isn’t as bad as we thought. He’s just trapped in a terrible situation, same as Ellie.

The Sound of Stars is a fantasy Romeo and Juliet that shows love can conquer all. But more importantly, this book gives a glance into the heart of humanity and shows that there is hope, that there is good in this world despite all its darkness. 

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