Farrah Rochon’s The Boyfriend Project felt like home to me. We’ve all been there. No matter how smart or how successful we women get, we somehow have all dated a two- timer. And for what? Just so we can say that we have a man? This book will definitely make you want to have a night out or in with just your girlfriends. —Camia Rhodes

Farrah Rochon’s The Boyfriend Project series begins with three women, Samiah, Taylor and London, all finding out they’re dating the same guy. Whose name may or may not be Craig. The nerve! Yet the three bond and decide they don’t need a man but will focus on furthering their career aspirations and, of course, remain friends.

The Boyfriend Project is like an episode of Girlfriends or Living Single, a book for girlfriends to be shared by girlfriends.”

Book 1 in the series, The Boyfriend Project, centers around Samiah, who is a smart and accomplished black woman. Working in the tech sector in Austin, Texas, Samiah has single-handedly made a name for herself at Trendsetters IT Solutions. But after this “Craig Incident,” she has decided to focus on developing her friendship app to submit to an upcoming tech conference.

Enter sweet, kind, and oh-so-fine Daniel. He is genuinely a nice guy and not in a too-good-to-be-true kind of way. But Daniel isn’t perfect. He’s an FBI agent trying to nab a cybercriminal, but he is falling head over heels for Samiah.

The Boyfriend Project is like an episode of Girlfriends or Living Single, a book for girlfriends to be shared by girlfriends. Not only that, this book also shows black women as successful and not bitter or desperate for a man. Definitely a read for your shelves. 

Continuing in the series, The Dating Playbook (in stores August 17) focuses on Taylor’s story this time. Taylor is a fitness consultant for her self-started business called Taylor’d Conditioning. Except business is slow and she’s beginning to gather quite a bit of debt. And to make matters worse, she just lost a job due to not having a degree and she got arrested. But Taylor isn’t a quitter. She’s made her own way before and she’ll figure out a way again.

The same can be said of Jamar “Diesel” Dixon, or Mr. Hot and Fit as Taylor coined him in her head. Jamar is a former NFL player trying to get back on the field after a knee injury. He not only has something to prove to himself and the naysayers, but he needs to get back on the field because of a promise to a childhood friend.

Both driven to achieve and push beyond their limits, Jamar hires Taylor, on the condition she doesn’t tell anyone until after he rejoins the NFL. This somehow ends up with them fake-dating to throw everyone off the scent and yet there’s nothing fake about their feelings for each other.

The Dating Playbook is a steamy romance that will have you saying, “Kiss the girl,” in a not-so-Disney-friendly way.”

According to Rochon, Jamar is an old soul and I definitely concur. He takes his time to think about things and though Taylor can be childish at times, he listens and understands and tries to help her see things differently, especially about herself. Taylor sees herself as the family screw-up and the loser of her friend group, but Jamar is in awe and inspired by her. She started a business from nothing and steadily growing it all on her own. He even admires her for her drive to go back and earn her degree despite the difficulties she faces.

But that admiration is a two-way street. Taylor works out constantly, but she couldn’t imagine the physical prowess Jamar has to endure to get and maintain his body. (If she hasn’t, I have in the most tantalizing of ways.) She also marvels at his love for his family and friends, the way he takes care of everyone, and always has such sage wisdom. Jamar isn’t your typical dumb, superficial jock but a really decent guy. However, Taylor is concerned that all the physical stress could injure him and isn’t so sure returning to the NFL is worth screwing up his knee or worse.

The two balance each other out. Jamar with his wise advice and positive nature soothing Taylor’s self-depreciation and Taylor being someone who can finally take care of Jamar, alleviating the stress of the burdens he carries. Most importantly, they help each other see one another in a whole new light and change their perceptions.The Dating Playbook is a steamy romance that will have you saying, “Kiss the girl,” in a not-so-Disney-friendly way. But more than that, this book shows how perceptions can sometimes be in our heads and we can get so caught up in them that we miss so many things, including a chance at love. The Dating Playbook is definitely for anyone struggling to figure things out for themselves and hopefully this book can provide you some clarity in a fun, sexy package.

Order The Boyfriend Project today from Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon

Order The Dating Playbook today from Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon


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